CD Review: Dance Gavin Dance – self titled

Dance Gavin Dance released a full length self titled CD in August.  The band is from Sacramento, California and categorize themselves as “Screamo / Psychedelic / Punk / Funk”.  After listening to the CD the screamo genre is most noticed – the first song intro is sick and got me pumped up (with some strong double drum bass) for the rest.  In the song “Uneasy Hearts Weigh The Most” (track 7) the sound breaks away from the stock screamo noise and add’s a little funkiness with some sing-a-long parts – definitely worth checking out.

Overall I liked the CD, some of the early songs run together, but they twist it up well with some different sounding breakdowns, like in the song “Rock Solid” they throw a skit in the middle about trying to find a party, and buying beer, and all sorts of crazy crap.  I highly recommend checking out Dance Gavin Dance!  Did I mention they are red-hot now in the scene?  Well, they are.

We are putting 3 DGD songs on the radio station, so be sure to listen for them!

Click the image for the Dance Gavin Dance mySpace!

Click the image for the Dance Gavin Dance mySpace!

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