CD Review: Select Start <3 and Full CD Stream

Select Start is an UNSIGNED band from Tampa, Florida consisting of Joe, Matt, Patrick, Jason, & Adam.  Their first CD entitled ‘<3’ will be released on 01/06/2009, and is currently available for streaming from (see bottom of post for streaming details).

The band Select Start

The band Select Start

 At first inspection I said to myself ‘great, another unsigned emo electronic indie band’ – but after I started streaming the CD my presumptions changed a bit.  Yes, it’s true we are flooded with the electronic power-pop bands, but I feel Select Start is producing a very tight sound.  It’s inevitable they will be offered a deal shortly after this release (if they haven’t been already).

The lead vocals sound a lot like Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy, and the melodies have a Motion City Soundtrack and Hellogoodbye mash-up style.  Most notable about the CD, is that they don’t drown out traditional instruments with the electronic synth too much – this alone stands them apart from the bulk of bands in this genre.  In the song ‘Hearts Will Explode’ the intro has a firm guitar riff that made me crave some double bass and growls.

Overall it’s a good CD for an unsigned band that is entering an over populated genre.  My hopes are high that when developing their sound they will continue to moderate the synth as the band did a great job with this first release.  When the CD is released we may add one song to the HiFi Punk play list for everyone to check out.  And if they happen to progressively grow harder in the future, expect to hear more from them on the radio station.

Track Listing:

  • Kiss your genre goodbye
  • Oh so epic
  • Dress impressive
  • Hearts will explode
  • A playlist killed the mixtape
  • If you fall (fall in love)
Click here to stream the full CD from

Click here to stream the full CD from

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