CD Review: Mozart Season – Apotheosis EP

It’s time for another HiFi Punk pre-release CD review. After the last review of ‘<3’ from Select Start I felt like doing a few more unsigned bands, besides the big boys get plenty of love.

The Sacramento California band Mozart Season has a new EP finished and its being released January 17th. They have been around for 4 years, but had some time off when the band broke up because of member adjustments. Mozart Season regrouped at the beginning of this year to start the EP ‘Apotheosis’ – and now its ready for release.

Mozart Season

Mozart Season

Band members:

  • Nate – Vocals
  • Benton – Guitar
  • Sam – Guitar
  • Josh – Drums
  • Troy – Bass

The CD starts with off with the song ‘Prophecies Part II’ – the opening lyrics were screams, and then transformed nicely into coherent emo style singing, after that around 1:35 into the first song started the growls – and instantly I was hooked. A lot of the post-hardcore bands (even popular ones) have difficulties balancing the singing styles with-in tracks, but after only the first song I felt Mozart Season mastered this art quite impressively. The second song ‘The Fall of Goliath’ again sounds decent – but as the lyrics began to register I realized there are some deep emotions behind the song writing (which always helps a bands street cred); is Goliath a metaphor for an ex-band member, old girlfriend, or the actual Philistine warrior Goliath? That’s for only our imaginations to conclude…

John Mess formerly of Dance Gavin Dance is featured in the fifth track ‘Look Mom I’m On TV’, his presence adds some nice depth to the song. The EP finishes out much how it started – good music, well balanced singing, and thoughtful lyrics. I feel they sound like a mixture of Underoath, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and From First to Last (all amazing bands).

Overall I really enjoyed the CD, and think Mozart Season will get their name out there with this release – and if they can land a stretch of shows with a big name band – a record deal will follow shortly there after. I recommend checking them out, and on the 17th show support and pick up the CD. We will be adding a couple songs from this EP to the play-list, so tune-in to check out the music!

Track Listing:

  1. Prophecies Part II
  2. The Fall of Goliath
  3. Ankle Deep Ocean
  4. Apotheosis
  5. Look Mom I’m on TV (ft. Jon Mess)
  6. Saint Peter
Click the picture for their mySpace.

Click the picture for their mySpace.

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