HiFi Punk Internet Radio on your iPhone and iTouch


Big pimpin with your iPizzy

If you have an iPhone or iTouch you can stream HiFi Punk straight to your pocket…for free of course!

Follow these directions to start jamming:

  1. Connect to the App Store
  2. Perform a search for “shoutcast”
  3. Download “AOL SHOUTcast Radio” and install the app
  4. Open the App and perform another search “hifi punk” (make sure to put the space in there)
  5. Then click HiFi Punk!!!!!! And start streaming

Now you can have HiFi Punk in the car if you have the iPhone.  My brother uses this everyday for his daily 2hour run.  If you have a speaker hook-up for your device you can put on HiFi Punk for your party music.

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