HiFi Punk in 2013!

Hello, my name is Jason Herring (aka SquigY0) and I was brought on board to HiFi Punk late last year to help freshen up the playlist, and provide new programming ideas. Actually I lied a bit…I provided the original playlist that started HiFi Punk oh so long ago, then I stepped back to let Steve take the reigns and he made the station mostly what it is today.

Really, I’m just here to make sure that the punk station that you know and love does not get stale, and does not fade away! And truly, only with your listener-ship, dedication, and incessant hounding, can we meet that goal.

You didn’t speak, but if you did, we hope that you’d ask for the songs we are playing, and shows we are airing. And on February 28th, we’ll be announcing right here on the website, on the stream, and on our Facebook page some brand new shows that we think you’ll enjoy! Then you should comment on Facebook (after hitting “Like” on us of course to show everyone that you’re a fan) to let us know how we’re doing and how we can do better.

Thanks for reading me, and as always, for listening!

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