HiFi Alternative

Back when we were first trying to figure out how this whole Internet radio thing worked, we created a station called HiFi Alternative. Next, we created HiFi Punk. A series of incidents happened that caused HiFi Alternative to go away. But since HiFi Punk is still here, we’re nice enough to lend some of our precious bandwidth back to HiFi Alternative!

On the air now, and airing every Monday at 8pm until Tuesday morning at 7am, it’s HiFi Alternative, featuring the best alternative from the 90s – 2000s with even newer music to be added soon. As a start, we’ll be featuring bands throughout each night that were nice enough to contact us to promote their projects and provide us with their music by emailing us at hifipunk at ch00ns.com.

Listen tonight for music from Gonzo Morales.

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