Advertise on HiFi Punk

Advertising with internet radio is one of the best outlets to reach your customers. We provide exact number of listeners you are promoting to, moreover the retention of information through internet radio is far greater than any other media. People in front of their computers have full attention, opposed to the classic FM band listeners, who have very low concentration to ad’s. Also internet listeners do not “change the channel” when ad’s are presented – instead they provide a great opportunity to spread the word about your business.

Our ad packages

On the station – We make it easy to promote your business. You pay based on the amount of listeners connected to the stream at the air time of your message. Different times of the day and week draw different amounts of listeners – we have provided packages for all levels of your marketing needs.

On the website – gets a lot of web traffic and is a perfect place to advertise your business to increase traffic to your site.  It’s best used for bands, scene websites, venues, etc.

Please contact us for details.